Frequently Asked Questions for Hiring Companies

How long does it take to set up a Swyg interview session?

Setting up is really easy. We start with a consultation call to help us understand what you're looking for in a candidate. Depending on your needs, we you can start inviting candidates to the Swyg platform within a day.

Can I write my own interview questions?

Yes, we can configure Swyg to use any interview question. We're pretty opinionated about what makes for good interview questions, so we'll help you write some really good ones.

How do get my candidates to use Swyg? / How do I invite candidates?

We will prepare a custom onboarding page for candidates with your branding and information about your company. Just share the link to that page with anyone that you want to go through an assessment.

How long before I get the assessment results?

We carefully review all assessments to make sure the results are accurate and fair. This review process usually takes about a day after candidates complete their interviews.

What do the assessment results look like?

You will receive numerical scores on multiple dimensions, including knowledge and communications skills. In addition, you will be able to view candidate videos.

Can I watch recorded candidate videos?


How do you ensure a great candidate experience?

Candidates love Swyg because it's fast, it's transparent and every candidate gets feedback.

How does Swyg integrate with my ATS system?

We'll work with you to set up a workflow in your ATS system that incorporates Swyg. Since we handle all the logistics of the assessment process the only thing your have to manage is to sent an invitation email to candidates. You can do this through your ATS system.

How do you keep candidates from intentionally giving their partner a low rating?

We have several systems in place to prevent and detect cheating. In practice such behavior is extremely rare. We also generate an interviewer score for every participant that we share with the hiring company which incentives candidates to be fair.